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Pockets Full of Quarters Ep. 1: Pirates!

The inaugural episode of our new show has arrived! Welcome to the pilot of Pockets Full of Quarters, where we talk about the wonderful games games we're most thankful for. This week, the subject is my all-time favorite video game, Sid Meier's Pirates.

I hope you enjoy the premiere episode. Like all new ventures, there's lots of room to learn, grow, and improve, but I feel pretty good about how this came together, and happy for the opportunity to share this little part of my life and love with you.

For those of you already supporting Pockets on Patreon... you have my deep gratitude. And if you're not currently a Patron, please consider becoming one. The rewards are pretty great, (including extra episodes) and you'll be helping create some positively-oriented storytelling shows.

Moving forward, I'll be looking for feedback from fans and Patrons on the direction the show should take... starting with a survey I'll be posting soon for $5 Patrons about a game we should cover in e future episode.

I'd love to do these more often than once a month, so we'll see what's possible. The part-time nature of Pockets puts a bit of a limit on how far a I can stretch my hours, but work creating something like this is a joy. And I'm happy to report that there will be monthly bonus audio episodes of Pockets Full of Quarters for $5 Patrons starting this month.

From time to time, we'll also be welcoming guests, and I hope you enjoy where we go from here. Thanks for your support.

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